Various One-off Ads

Going Spare


The VW Golf’s parts are the easiest to find and buy.


ebay is the best and cheapest place to get these parts.


Campaign showcasing a VW Golf built entirely from parts found on ebay.

Apple AirPods -


Apple headphones have become an iconic product, right along side the iPhone itself.


The release of the wireless version of these headphones and the fact that the product design has stayed very similar to the previous model, has made the juxtaposition of the wireless nature a power visual and symbolic reference to use in the promotion.


This Outdoor Print ad focuses on the in-between of the product, the space that did not feature in the previous model, additional billboards will feature blank space in-between the products.




Spotify, More Of What You Want -


To promote Spotify's 30 day trial of premium access for free to new users, this ad features 30 'Skip Ad' buttons, as a reference to the unlimited skips feature with Spotify premium, aswell as the the amount of ads you experience when listening to music with rivals.



Coal is a main fuel source within Minecraft, a valuable element in-game.

Traditionally children would receive coal at Christmas if they had been bad.

The Minecraft Coal Gift Card swaps the meaning of coal into a positive reference to the game at Christmas time.



Don't Forget to Register


The deadline for the D&AD professional awards is in February. This ad uses Black on Registration as a visual reference to enter the awards.

Cells Itself -


Print communicating the power of Apple's selling power by not showcasing its most famous USP, its design.

Books in the Digital Age


This book by John Thompson looks into the role of written word in an age where most people are receiving materials digitally, specifically looking into British and North American publishing.


The cover for this book was intended to communicate the bleak outlook predicted by Thompson, keeping with cold colours and minimal amounts of information help show this. Using the first words of an American classic, Melville’s Moby-Dick, and then putting this into a digital context, the text message bubble, brought together the main themes of Thompson's book.

The Anthropology of Extinction


This book cover, looks at the human impact on wildlife and the species which are most at risk due to the development of new cultures and technologies. The book covers a wide range of factors responsible for the decline wildlife numbers, this cover looks into one of the main topics, technology.


The Snapchat phenomenon is a reference to the new young generation who consume more than any before it, the UI features were used to speak to this demographic and communicate the need for change of their consumption habits.

Politics and the Twitter Revolution


A book that addresses the relationship between Twitter, politics and the effect one has on the other. The cover has used the contrast between the historic impact of the Gettysburg address and the modern power of twitter as a communication tool.


The art direction addresses the twitter revolution in which journalists and world leaders are having to communicate their messages to the public within 140 characters.