Start With Sharpie


The UK creative industry is estimated to be worth £8million an hour.


How do Sharpie make their products the go-to for the creative industry.


This campaign focuses on the creative industry, targeting them whilst at the Cannes Festival. Sharpie will invade Cannes with prints and products to take the credit for all the award winning ideas.


Print ads to promote Sharpie's take over of Cannes. These prints use the Sharpie image to imitate famous ads, the Economist (left) and VW (right) ads are two of the most recognizable print ads.

These Sharpie products are exclusive for the Cannes festival. The thickness of a marker matches that of a particular typeface and particular point size, allowing creatives and art directors to mock up typography accurately.

Alongside the product release of typography markers at Cannes, a digital product will also be released. A code will feature on the back of the pens, entering this on your Linkedin profile will give it an extra boost. Your name and title will be extra bold. Sharpie now makes your digital presence just as bold as they do in real life.

Sharpie's takeover of Cannes will also be present of twitter, taking credit for the awards in real time.

To accompany this takeover, Sharpie will also takeover the famous lion identity of the festival. The design will be the same, but the way its created will be different. Different pen styles and types will change the logo. Chisel Tip, Ultra Fine, China Marker and the Double Ended markers are such a few of the pens that will be used to recreate the Cannes identity.

Posted around the festival will be these minimal print ads, promoting the new Sharpie Tips, Rounded, Chisel, Ultra Fine and Brush.