Pixel Masters



Dulux wants to unlock the full potential of colour, supplying the world with a plethora of paint options.


However the product itself, the colours, have become stale, a lack of context makes the colours one dimensional.


The Dulux Pixel Masters product range aims to add more meaning to our use of colour. Using works from some of the most influential painters, classical and modern to create further context. Using paintings as a starting point to create specific colours for each piece. Every pixel of the painting is sampled, the result is an average, singular colour. The result is not the prominent colour or most visible, it is the average created from every single pixel. The Pixel Masters colour range will be available to buy as paints.

The logos application can change depending on the piece it’s presenting, the square is universal for every painting, the word ‘Pixel’ changes to the artists name and the word ‘Masters’ changes to the name of the painting. Consistent with the project the logo also changes to the colour of the painting it represents.

Single colour swatch print featuring Van Gogh's painting Irises.

Swatch colour cards along side their paintings and the Pixel Masters logo.