Greenpeace inthered -


How do we know which websites are bad for the environment and how do we stop people from using them so often.


Each year companies are scored on their environmental impact, the higher the score the more environmentally friendly they are.


Adobe scored 82% due to their renewable energy servers, Amazon however were 469th out of 500 companies ranked, with 12%.


Using these scores, Greenpeace's 'inthered’ plug-in creates a wall of red over a website, making it difficult to browse.


The lower the score the higher the density. To disable this red wall you can tweet at the company about their environmental impact.


'In The Red' is a term used to represent how we are using up more than our planet can give us. We currently use up 1.6 Earths.

eBay - 39%



Yahoo - 36%

Twitter - 18%

Amazon - 12%